Tuesday, March 27, 2012

HATS!! (and more hats!)

I made Eva an owl hat as part of her birthday present (can you believe she's two??)

I purposely made it a little big since winter is basically over for this year; that way it'll for sure fit nicely for next fall/winter.

Alisa found a hat online that looked like hair, with some cute flowers clustered on one side, and asked if I could do something similar. Turned out pretty cute!

She also asked if I could make Eva's cousin, Bella, an owl hat as well.

I attended a baby shower over the weekend for my friends, Kristina and Jess, and their newly adopted son, Mikey. Couldn't resist making him a monkey hat, similar to the one Connor has!


Kaci said...

Adorable! =)

Betsy said...

Those are totally adorable!! =)