Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My newest model

Meet 3 month old AnaSofia, modeling the ducky-themed sweater set! (Isn't she SWEET??!!??)


Her mommy recently went out and found the cutest little yellow leggings with tiny white polka dots on them, which coordinate perfectly with the sweater.

And here she is again modeling the red sweater/hat set I gifted her at the baby shower before she was born (it's a little bigger then the ducky set because I hadn't yet learned how to adjust the pattern I was using to suit my needs when I did this red one!)

I love seeing the knit sets actually in use (and I just love getting pics of babies!)

Thanks for sharing Joanna!

**Just a reminder, if you are interested in ordering an infant sweater and hat set, they are $35 plus shipping (generally under $5), and typically fit 0-3 month babies.**

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

'Bout time Buster!

Dan replaced four light sockets in our house Sunday. The old ones were in bad shape and things would come unplugged constantly (made vacuuming a real pain in the rear!!).

The nice part of me says, "Thank you, dear husband! I love you so much for replacing those sockets!"

My evil twin says, "It's about darn time Buster! I've only been asking for about five years now!!"


Maybe in the next five years we (he) can finish updating ALL the outlets! We've only got 12 or so more to go (more if we count the ones in the garage!)

Monday, March 29, 2010

A case of the Mondays

Don't worry Connor, I have a hard time prying my eyes open on Monday mornings as well

Friday, March 26, 2010

*sniff sniff*

The picture below is several weeks old by now, but I haven't done a good job of getting pictures off the memory card and I kind of forgot about it!!

Dan and I were sitting back, watching the kids playing on the beach, when suddenly, Jared lifted up the shovel like you see in the picture, and then very slowly started bringing it closer to his face. He's about halfway to his face when I snapped the picture. Not too much longer atfter this picture was taken, he dipped his head forward and took a huge sniff of the shovel!!

Dan and I started laughing, and I asked Jared what he was doing. Jared said he wanted to see if it was clay on the shovel or just sand... Apparently he can tell the difference by smelling?? ha ha!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Quack Quack

I recently donated a basket to Connor's preschool for their annual auction. I knit a white infant sweater (they requested gender neutral) with ducky buttons down the front, and I did a white hat with and clipped on a little hair clip I'd made (easily removable if the set was purchased for a boy). I also sewed flannel ducky material down the centers of three burp rags, and made 10 ducky-themed cards. Last, I included two rubber duck toys. I was sooo excited about this set, and the few people who saw it in advance were really going crazy over it. I expected it to do really well.

Come the night of the auction, Dan and I were perusing all the baskets in the silent auction, and I come across my donation. My heart sunk when I saw how they'd wrapped it all up. You couldn't see the fronts of the cards, the hat was buried at the bottom, the duck toys were hidden, and you could barely see the sweater (and they had it all folded so that you couldn't see any of the raised detailing on the sleeves or waist edge). Of course, there were no bids. I was extremely frustrated to have spent that much time making everything, only to have it shoved in a tiny basket and not displayed in a way that would show it off and make people want to bid on it! One of my good acquaintances came up behind me and saw the problem and took it upon herself to undo the wrapping of the basket and pull it all out so people could see everything. Not 30 seconds later, an announcement was made that that table would be closing in ten minutes. Three bids came through in that ten minutes, but most people had already come and gone from the silent auction area by that point, so everything in the basket only went for $38. In all honesty, I would have MUCH rather just handed them $40 and called it good, and saved the donation to gift to someone down the road... After the table was closed, I heard quite a lot of people commenting that they would have bid on the basket in a heartbeat if they'd known all what was in it!! GRRRRRR!! In the end, it brought $38 to the preschool that they didn't have otherwise, and the basket went to an extremely nice family, so I can't complain, but STILL, it's disappointing to put that much effort and excitement into something and then have it fall rather flat, by no fault of my own...

I do not have good lighting in my home, so excuse the bad coloring. The knit stuff is a nice bright white in reality


The burp rags

again, poor lighting... The cards are bright white with a nice bright yellow for the duck (light orange for the duck bill, and real feather tips for the wings)

Not to toot my own horn, but the ducky-themed basket was ADORABLE!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Connor fell into an especially SOGGY/MUCKY part of our yard awhile ago, and as a result, was rather SOGGY/MUCKY. He was quite distrought, found it hard to walk to soaking wet Carhart overalls with rubber boots filled with water/mud, and demanded that someone come out and help carry him inside. Dan and I told him, basically, that he did the crime (he was told not to play near the mucky area!), he could do the time (marching his own soggy self up to the house so we could change him). Emily and Jared felt sorry for him, apparently, and took matters into their own hands.
kids 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010



I really wish I could remember what it was he told me he was doing!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Father/Daughter Ball

Emily and Dan attended the local Father/Daughter Ball again this year. Emily had a great time! Dan tolerated it for her benefit. Dressing up and dancing isn't really his thing... LOL But he did enjoy his one on one time with Emily. Emily wore her flowergirl dress from my brother's wedding last summer. LOVE getting extra uses out of the nicer clothes!!

Dan,Emily,fun events

I will admit to being disappointed that the picture wasn't zoomed out so as to see more of Emily's dress. I get the intent behind the closer up shot, but the real point of the picture (in my opinion) is to document that they were out together in their nice attire! Last year, they had the little girls stand on a chair, so they were more of an even height with their daddies. So the picture could still be zoomed in, but the kid wasn't cut in half... O'well, it's a nice picture regardless!

I didn't take many pictures from home, because Dan didn't start getting himself ready until it was about time for them to be flying out the door! ha! Emily wanted me to make sure to get pictures from all sides. (LOL!)


(not sure why she's pushing out her tummy here)


(We really need a nice "spot" in the house for taking pictures! The kitchen as the backdrop just isn't really cutting it...)
Dan,Emily,fun events

I guess there was a raffle this year, and Emily ended up winning a real pink pearl bracelet from Fred Meyer Jewelers!! They're strung on an elastic cord, which doesn't seem very sturdy to me, so I've been strongly cautioning her to save them for special events, and to not play around with them while she's wearing them. She was pleased as punch to be dolled up, out with her daddy, and then to win the pearl bracelet... She's already counting down until next year!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Great Brain Projects

Emily's 2nd grade class is doing Great Brain Projects this school year. What it boils down to is that each child in class chooses a topic to become an "expert" on for the year, then each month, does a short oral presentation on that topic.

Emily chose butterflies.

We spent a long time one afternoon perusing different websites about butterflies, and jotting down information we felt was interesting and worth using at some point. Then we went through and tried to organize all our notes into themes.

The first month of the project, she talked about the "Parts of a Butterfly", and had a visual aid where she'd labeled everything on the butterfly. The second month of the project, she talked about the "Life Cycle", and her visual aid was pictures showing the adult butterfly, the eggs, the caterpillar, the chrysalis, and back to the adult butterfly. The third month, I suddenly realized, is going to be a lot trickier. We have lots of interesting facts, but nothing really ties into each other.

Hence, her "Fun Facts" theme for this upcoming 3rd presentation! She'll be talking about how many species of butterflies there are worldwide (quite conflicting in our research so we went with a mid-range number of 28,000). She'll be talking about how Arizona has the most species of butterflies of any other state in the USA. She'll be talking about how fast butterflies can fly (again rather conflicting... One site said the top speed is 12mph, another site said higher, another said lower, and another one said 5-30mph depending on the butterfly. We went with that figuring it covers a nice broad range...LOL). She'll be talking about the largest butterfly in the world (Queen Alexandra's Birdwing, with a wing span of up to 12 inches, found in Papua New Guinea), and the smallest butterfly in the world (Western Pygmy Blue, found in in the good ol' USA, in southern states, with top wing span being 3/8 inch). She'll also be talking about how butterflies are cold blooded and can't fly if they get too cold.

I'm panicking slightly about what to do for her next two presentations... We've used up all the basic info and the fun facts... We still have info about migration and/or hibernation, so that can probably be one of the months... We'll have to keep researching.

I did look into buying one of those butterfly kits, where you get the TEENY caterpillars and the special food and you get to observe them growing, forming a chrysalis, and then emerging as butterlies, and then you get to release the butterflies into your yard. I thought our final month's presentation could be real pictures of the process if we buy the kit, but then that's sort of repeating the "Life Cycle" presentation???

2nd Grade research projects are harder than they look!! Dan keeps insisting I'm doing all the work for Emily, but I don't think that's fair, or true! Yes, I'm helping quide her through Internet info (she doesn't know how to type or sort through all the pages that come up), and I'm helping her choose what is good info to write in her notes, and what info isn't as relevant (and SHE is doing all the note-taking!). I'm also helping her organize her notes into themes (we don't find all the info in the exact order we'd like to be using it). I'm helping her plan out her visual aids, but I'm not DOING her work. I'm offering up several ideas and letting her choose which way she wants to roll, and I'm constantly asking her what ideas she has, etc. I'm offering suggestions as to what might be a good next step to take, but never once have I sat down and dictated how things are going to go. I've been REALLY proud of Emily for the hard work (several hours worth, all told, so far!) she's put in, the excitement she's come into it with, and her ability to get up in front of her class to present something!!! How else will she learn these skills if someone isn't helping guide her through them?? Miss Emily has really jumped right into this whole thing, and I'm just so stinkin' proud of her!

While I sometimes feel this is a little much for only 2nd grade, the bigger part of me really appreciates that it's being introduced EARLY. Emily is learning study skills, note-taking, organization, public speaking skills (and is building the confidence to be up in front of a group in the first place), not to mention she's getting to explore a topic she's interested in. How awesome is that?? KUDOS to her teacher!

Supposedly someone is coming in and videotaping each of the kids doing their presentations. We're supposed to get copies at the end of the year. If it turns out, I'll share it with you!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Quote of the Week

It really has to be QUOTES of the week this week... Connor's been on a roll!!

"When you feel a big lump come out of your bottom, that's poop." (he acted like he was telling me some grand piece of wisdom, all serious-faced and whatnot. LOL!)

"Mom, do you remember that Princess Diarrhea movie?" (Sorry kid, that would be Princess DIARIES)

me: Connor, please take another bite of corn and we'll have a little treat for dessert.
Connor: But I HATE "vegematables" and WHY do you keep making me eat these?!?!
me: It's up to you if you want to eat that last bite or not, but if you want part of a cinnamon roll, you need to eat another bite of corn.
Connor: mmmm, I love this corn! (that's what I thought)

Connor: Mom, I can't find my shoes and I looked everywhere!
me: Connor, you goof, they're right there on the floor next to you.
(long pause) Connor: I think I just lied. (you're forgiven)

PS Happy Birthday to my sweet Monica, who is no longer a teenager as of today. Gosh, that makes me feel OLD!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I don't remember where I saw this food idea, but it was a HUGE (HUGE!) hit with my kids!

Cute, huh??

Two apple slices, and a glob of PB spread thickly enough to wedge the apple slices apart to form the lips and to support the marshmallow "teeth". Seriously simple. Brownie points!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Puppy Love

My in-laws got a new puppy, Vern (the softest little ball of fluff you ever saw!), last week. He's a Cavachon puppy, and the kids totally don't like him at all (view this picture of Jared and you can feel the sarcasm oozing from the words I've typed...LOL)

Connor thinks he's pretty great as well, but Connor isn't known for sitting still for more than a few seconds at a time, so his love of the puppy is in frequent, but short bursts.

Emily, on the other hand, would sit with this puppy all day long.

Don't worry, my kids still love Charlie! I found Emily yesterday morning, curled up, half asleep on the couch, Charlie snuggled up under her chin, while Jared whined that he never gets to snuggle Charlie, and Connor was arguing that it was time to take Charlie outside (and insisting he was the kid for the job).

ahhh, puppies!

Charlie and Vern will be good friends, I think.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Auntie Leah

Assuming Labor and Delivery isn't swamped with women already in labor, and assuming the labor isn't so long that it lasts into tomorrow, I'M GOING TO BE AN AUNTIE TODAY! Best wishes to my brother Marc and his wife Alisa as they welcome their new baby into the world. Apparently I'm not allowed to share details or pictures until they've sent out the birth announcements, so don't bother checking back for updates throughout the day, but I had to share my excitement!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jared's Shopping List

Jared's teacher occasionally has the kids write lists in order to practice hand-writing, as well as sounding out words. Remember his Wish List where he wanted an invisible bed? (He cracks me up!)

This time, it's a shopping list. I'll show you his list (last name blacked out, in case you're wondering what the black box is all about), and then I'll write out what it says in case you can't figure it out (and any explanations necessary as to WHY he wrote them).


1. apples (he's hungry?)
2. pickles (he's still hungry?)
3. legos (he plays with his legos CONSTANTLY)
4. worker boots (not sure why he wants new ones when the ones he has are fine??)
5. new sweatshirt (he'd rather wear a sweatshirt instead of a jacket ANY DAY)
6. pants that are ripped (one of his too-short pairs of jeans ended up getting a giant rip in the knee recently. He's pegged them as his "I can wear these and do whatever I want in them because they're already ripped" pants. But now he wants a pair of ripped jeans that aren't too short. LOL!!!)


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

There's no stopping them now!

With the weather turning a bit nicer, and the daylight hours lasting longer, pretty much all my kids want to do these days is ride their bikes! We don't have a very large driveway for all of them to ride at once (especially with dare-devil, wildman, adrenaline junky Connor in the mix), so we've been heading to one of the local church parking lots instead. Huge lot, flat... Plenty of room for three kids to put their feet to the pedals and feel the wind in their hair.




I took them Friday after school and all three of them hollered when it was time to head home for dinner. I got a 7am wake-up call Saturday morning asking if we could go again, and Emily nearly turned out a sleep-over invitation Saturday night because she was worried she'd miss out on a bike ride Sunday morning. LOL We did ride Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday, and I'm pretty sure they'd have done Monday and Tuesday as well, if there wasn't the minor issues of SCHOOL and ACTIVITIES and BEDTIME in the way. Ha! It's a bit of a pain to load up the bikes and make the drive, but when the end result is my kids enjoying the fresh air, getting good exercise, and GETTING ALONG, it's worth it! I suspect we'll be spending quite a bit of time there in the future!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oldies but goodies!

My dance instructor has a baby who is somewhere around 7 months old, and she made a comment about her son's cute little wrist rolls. It made me laugh, because her son's wrist rolls are practically non-existant. I told her I'd email her some pictures of Connor from about the same age and show her WRIST ROLLS (and ANKLE ROLLS while we're at it!)

Connor was HUGE!

Look at those legs!

He's barely 6 months old in this picture, sausaged into 6-9 month jammies. We had to zip them slowly so as not to zip up his skin!

But oh my word, is he not just ADORABLE!?!? So stinkin' cute.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to you!

Saturday was my Grandpa Pete's birthday, and we all showed up at the nursing home in the cafeteria area to celebrate with him. I worried that with all six great-grandkids things would get a little chaotic, but it went very smoothly! My Grandpa had a stroke about two (three?) years ago and hasn't been able to do very much talking, but he has recently regained some of his ability, and he was singing Happy Birthday right along with us. The kids thought it was great, and I appreciated it myself!! Connor, the one I least expected to be friendly and outgoing (he's a chatty little guy when HE wants to be...), was chattering away about all sorts of stuff to Grandpa Pete, and was happily hugging and kissing on his arm. It was very, very sweet!

I will admit I haven't been in very often to see my grandpa. Nursing homes intimidate me, and my grandpa's lack of understandable speech makes me nervous (not knowing how to respond to what he says, and not being able to come up with my own string of conversation to take up the slack...), and it's awkward showing up with kids in tow, while hanging out in his small, shared bedroom with nowhere to sit, etc. But the group of us meeting up in the cafeteria where there was plenty of room to sit, plenty of people to come up with conversation, and room for the kids to move around worked out really well! I hope we do it more often.

Here is a picture I took of the great-grandkids and my grandpa before we all headed out:

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Hawaiian shirt of Hawaiian shirts


Dan's co-worker, Kirk, went to Hawaii and Dan asked him to find the tackiest Hawaiian shirt he could. I think he managed it! And yes, Dan wore it.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


One of the first days of the Olympics, I decided to let the kids stay up late and watch. They were out of school for the week (President's Break), and it'd be four more years before they got to see the Winter Olympics again, and I figured it was worth keeping them up!

Connor was asleep within 15 minutes:

Jared was asleep within a half hour:

So much for getting to stay up late to watch the Olympics!

Emily stayed awake and probably would have stayed awake for the entire four hour prime-time showing, but I sent her to bed around 10pm.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My hands are NOT very dirty!

Little punk was trying to tell me that his hands weren't very dirty, so it was okay for him to put them on me. You take a peek at the picture and we'll take a vote... LOL


Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Connor, who is only 3.5, can now ride his bike without training wheels. Forgive what a dork I sound like in the video. I was STUNNED and excited to see him take off! HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!

Look out world, when my child decides to do something, HE DOES IT!

Way to go Connor!!!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010


When Dan had his hernia repair surgery last Monday, we discovered that the new hospital in our area uses paper-ish gowns instead of cloth ones. But the paper-ish gowns are quite fancy in that they have a hole at the bottom edge where a hose connects to the gown and blows warm air underneath so you aren't cold. Dan called it a free blow job. He's such a MAN! He pretty much made them turn it back off again right away and opted for the blanket. ha!

We also learned they shave a LARGE area of your abdomen for only three small incisions... LOL Now Dan's trying to decide if he should shave his whole chest so it's "even", or leave things be and hope you can't tell where they shaved him after it grows back.


Connor got it into his head a few weeks ago that he was going to ride his bike without training wheels, and sure enough, my 3.5 year old can ride up the driveway, turn around at the top, and ride back down. He hasn't mastered the turn at the bottom, but I'd give him a week. Tops. He also hasn't yet figured out how to start himself off. It'll happen. Soon. My baby is growing up! *sniff*


$8 CAN get you a turn on a karaoke mic even when the gal before you was announced as the last singer of the night, per bar regulations (only one singer allowed after the bartender announces last call). And here we all laughed at Dan for trying!! "It's a nice day for a white wedding..."


Having a Girl Scout living in my home is dangerous. Very dangerous. She's adorable and sweet. And has access to yummy cookies. And purchasing those cookies helps support the organization she's involved in, as well as helps fund fun activities for her troop. Cookies...YUM!


"Your boobs make me smile." ~Connor (I think we weened him too soon or something. He's obsessed! LOL! In my defense, I landed myself in the hospital for emergency surgery because of a ruptured appendix, and complications during recovery, and had to cut him off cold turkey at 8.5 months old)


That's all for now! *grin*