Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wounded foot

As I was doing final packing Monday night before traveling to Pennsylvania for the week, I somehow managed to hurt my foot! All I did was squat down on the balls of my feet to dig through my yarn stash, and when I stood back up, something popped (not an audible pop, but a pop/shift I could FEEL in my foot). Pain shot through my foot, then the ball of my foot swelled up (I compare it to one of those tension balls you grip, and it is squishy, but firm?). After about two hours, the swelling felt like it had gone away, and I never gave my foot another thought. Tuesday morning we arrived in Pittsburgh and spent the day attending the viewings for Dan's grandma and connecting up with all the family. Later in the day, my foot really started to hurt, and I took my shoe off to see what was going on, and found a DARK bruise all over the ball of my foot, in addition to some pretty significant swelling (not the THICK lump I'd had the night before, but it the whole area of the bruise was larger than on my non-bruised food).

This picture really does NOT do the bruising justice

I was pretty positive nothing was broken, but the bruised area was very tender and I spent the entire week limping around on it. I still have no idea what exactly I did to it, but a full week later, the tenderness is going away and the bruising has faded a lot. Leave it to me to wind up with a stupid injury!