Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Madisen Grace

This little sweetie was due VERY near my birthday, and I'd hoped she'd end up sharing a birthday with me, but she ended up being born April 26th instead. I babysat her for awhile a few weeks ago and she snuggled right in and took a nap in my arms. I miss "baby" snuggles!

 photo IMG_3689_zps1dd5eeff.jpg

We recently celebrated her 2nd birthday (a bit late due to her brother cutting open his head and almost needing stitches just before her previously scheduled birthday party) and her Grammie made this awesome cake for her rainbow themed birthday
 photo IMG_3746_zps27e8a728.jpg

Madi is my little buddy, and always comes running to give me huge hugs and kisses when I see her. She finally started saying my name about two months ago ("yay-ya" or "ee-uh", or some similar variation of those as she works on perfecting it! LOL), so now adds in hollering my name as she runs towards me. Warms my heart immensely every time. LOVE this little girl!

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Betsy said...

She is so freaking adorable! Love those cheeks!