Monday, May 13, 2013

The Color Run 2013

Emily and I got to spend Mother's Day/Em's 11th birthday with some wonderful friends in Seattle doing The Color Run. One of Em's besties, Rylie, came with us this year (huge thanks to Ry's mom for not minding the expense, and not minding us having her daughter for half the day on Mother's Day!) as a way to make the day even more special for Emily. Talk about a BLAST!!

Here are some before/after photos:

One of my besties, Stephanie, and me
 photo leahsteph_zps1ffa5cbe.jpg

Em and Ry
 photo emilyrylie_zps9b3ded63.jpg

The birthday girl by herself
 photo emily_zpsa9ed9a46.jpg

The "before" picture of Emily was taken moments before we started singing Happy Birthday to Emily at the start line for the race, with LOTS of other races joining in singing to her. :)

 photo May1213ColorRun5_zps2c01605e.jpg

Emily and Rylie after the first color station (orange)
 photo May1213ColorRun6_zpsaf0b5f19.jpg

Emily getting more colorful by rolling around in what was on the ground
 photo May1213ColorRun10_zpsda468ca5.jpg

I was taking a picture of the girls in the blue when another runner stopped and offered to take my picture as well. :)
 photo May1213ColorRun11_zps90e245af.jpg

Poor Rylie got blue in her mouth!
 photo May1213ColorRun13_zps94fff5c3.jpg

One of the color tosses at the finish line
 photo May1213ColorRun42_zps445365a0.jpg

Hot pink fishnet gloves no longer hot pink!
 photo May1213ColorRun17_zpse6ee1457.jpg

An announcement was made at the finish line for people celebrating birthdays that day to come up on stage so Emily and Rylie got to go up and dance around while the crowd shouted "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!"
 photo May1213ColorRun37_zps06c4efa3.jpg

The Unicorn Successs Club with the Runicorn (We are pretty convinced the Runicorn came about because of US, by the way. There was NO Runicorn at any of The Color Run events prior to Seattle last year that we have seen or heard about, but after NUMEROUS comments by Color Run staff last year about our "costumes", the Runicorn started showing up at races later in the year, and LOTS of other teams started showing up wearing unicorn horns).
 photo runicorn_zpsfe0abeb1.jpg

Fun group shots
 photo circles_zpse06ff49a.jpg

Unicorn Success Club team members are generous with their color. LOL!
 photo leahbrooke_zpse062af40.jpg

Colorful hair!
 photo hair-3_zpsce6f2461.jpg

Brooke and I showing off the clean skin under our Color Run arm bands (which held our IDs, money, and cell phones)
 photo May1213ColorRun34_zps4afbb309.jpg

Can't wait for September when I do it again in another town! And then scramble to clean off and head to a wedding. ha! Thank you Cindy, Stephanie, Emily, Rylie, Brooke, Kaitlyn, and Tamy for making this year so much fun! LOVED the drive home, especially, as we waved at other vehicles on the road, and experienced looks anywhere from scorn, fear, humor, etc. TOO FUNNY!!!


Shan said...

This looks like so much fun. I can't wait to do my first colour run this year.

Betsy said...

That looks amazing! We are hoping to do it this year, if we can find money in the budget!

Kaci said...

That looks so fun! I can't wait to do one. =)

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

What a fun day!!!