Monday, June 17, 2013


My mother-in-law invited the kids to join her in the parade, walking with an organization she's very involved in. The overall theme of the parade has been pirates, so the kids dressed the part!
 photo Jun112MaritimeParade2_zpsb26d07e6.jpg

Dan and I stood at the "finish line" of the parade, and the kids zipped by so fast I barely even got a chance to take a photo!
 photo Jun112MaritimeParade31_zpsf1929f47.jpg

My friend Stephanie stood more in the middle of the parade route, so got a good one when the "float" paused
 photo 10070_10200498203791330_231710758_n_zps923451f2.jpg


Betsy said...

How fun for them!! =)

Kaci said...

Love parade, especially with cute kids in them! =)