Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rat Sitting

Jared's class got two rats (which they named Spirit and Whiskers) as classroom pets for the last month of school, and they needed someone to take the rats home for the weekends. We volunteered for the first weekend.

Jared didn't like how they'd squirm as he was trying to pick them up, and kept insisting that they hated him, so was pretty hands-off with them all weekend. Jared and Emily absolutely LOVED having the rats. Jared finally got more comfortable with handling them the morning we had to take them back to school, and was wishing we could keep them longer.

 photo IMG_3913_zpsc9e8d62b.jpg

 photo IMG_3889_zpse988158b.jpg

 photo IMG_3892_zps8bb0fc99.jpg

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Betsy said...

Rats are so much fun. I am really glad someone convinced me to try them as first pets. =) Our girls really love them