Thursday, June 13, 2013

Two Goofballs

Connor and I were bored while waiting for Jared to be done at swim team practice a week or so ago, so we were making funny faces and taking our picture. LOL
 photo IMG_3964_zps80eaa757.jpg

 photo IMG_3970_zps2c11e4ac.jpg

I super love this kid!
 photo IMG_3969_zps4ffb6cd7.jpg

PS He'd gotten done with his own swim team practice (shorter than Jared's) and was dressed in his pajama bottoms with no shirt on, and kept being really paranoid as we were taking pictures that I was going to get pictures showing off his nipples. ???? ha! If you're that worried about it, kid, put a shirt on!!

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Betsy said...

He is such a funny kid. You are going to cherish those ones someday!