Thursday, July 14, 2011

4th of July baseball

We spent the 4th of July weekend with some friends at their lake cabin, camping. They have a tradition every 4th of July with family and friends to play baseball at a school's ball field near their cabin. Jared was sooooo excited to participate this year!


Dan got like 2 or 3 homeruns hitting that soft ball! He nailed it clear across the field!

Connor was off playing on the big toy, and Emily and I were spectators. I took pictures of every single person at bat, and pictures of several of them outfield, but then promptly/stupidly formatted the memory card without double-checking they'd all burned to the CD I was making for our friends (most of the people there I didn't know, so didn't save THOSE particular pictures to my computer like I did the ones of the people I knew... but I was at least going to have the pictures of people I didn't know on a disk for my friend to share with those people... UGH!). I guess if I was going to lose pictures, at least it was of people I don't even know!! *grin* There ended up being two teams of 13, plus some random kids thrown in for good measure, and a good 10 people just sitting on the side, watching/cheering. Gorgeous sunny day, lots of laughs. And we all got to head back to the cabin to cool off in the lake afterwards! Couldn't have asked for a much better time!


Shan said...

Aww that's too bad, but what are you going to do? If you had to lose pictures, better them then ones of your kids/friends.

Betsy said...

Looks like a great time =)