Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oldies, but Goodies

Once upon a time, Connor was a "Super Chunk" baby, with the dimpliest baby buns you ever saw: (photographed here at approx 8 months old)

Now? We get comments left and right from people about how they've never seen a young child with such defined muscles. Just about any time he's got his shirt off, and we're around people we haven't been around previously, someone will end up commenting (and sometimes even if we have been around them already, previous commenters will make repeat comments!). An old guy approached me yesterday and asked if we have him doing weight-lifting!! He's got triceps and biceps that buldge out as he walks along swinging his arms, ab muscles popping out all over the place, calf muscles flexing as he walks, back muscles rippling as he moves his arms. It's crazy! He's also already got a very broad chest that tapers to a smaller waist, like you would see on a grown man! HE'S BARELY FIVE!!! And his buns? I can't photograph them any longer, but you can take my word for it they are no longer dimply! *grin*


Kaci said...

Wow CJ! Sheesh! What are you feeding that kid. Just kidding

Betsy said...

WOW! I need to see some pictures! =) I love that chunky bum tho. Too cute!