Wednesday, November 9, 2011

RIP Olivia

Sad news at our house yesterday, when we discovered our turtle Olivia had died. She's been a part of our family for nearly two years.

I knew immediately Connor would be devastated; if you remember, it was his tearful plea in the pet store that prompted her purchase in the first place. ("You can't leave Olivia here or I'll never see her again!" How do you refuse that kind of logic? *grin*). What threw me off was how hard JARED took the news as well. Emily was sad, but her sadness was more from seeing her brothers upset, and the fact that our other pets will someday die as well (she was especially worried about our Yorkie, Charlie, with whom she has a close bond).

Once Dan was home from work, we held a little burial service in the backyard, complete with pictures the kids had drawn to bury with Olivia. It was quite late at night at the point plans were coming together, so the pictures were a bit of a hurried affair, but I'm sure Olivia appreciates their efforts anyway.




Connor wanted to put a rock on the ground to mark the place where Olivia is buried, and Jared suggested we do two rocks because we'd had her for two years. Each boy picked out a rock to place on the ground to mark the spot.

This picture breaks my heart, but I took it because I want to have it as a reminder for them in life, that although they may not always get along (they probably DON'T get along more often than they DO get along!), they will be there for each other when it really matters. Both boys were sobbing, and Emily calmly wrapped her arms around both of them and held them close.

Olivia, you were a pretty cool pet, and you will be missed.


Kaci said...

That last picture got me. :( Crying at my desk. I just want to hug all three of them. XOXO Olivia!

Betsy said...

Got me too :( Hopefully everyone has their smiles back on today. Losing a pet is really heartbreaking :(

Carrie said...

Wow! I read your quick post on FB but when I read this, and SAW that picture, I burst out crying! Dang! It's so hard to lose a pet! I know it's part of life but still! :(