Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Science Fun

Jared's favorite subject in school is science; he would spend all day in the science room, if allowed! I tried talking the science teacher into having an after school science club of some kind, but she said she didn't have time to deal with one (pout!). After researching the Internet and speaking to different people in the community, and still not coming up with any good leads on a science-based program to enroll Jared in, I finally just purchased him a thick book full of different science experiments.

He and Dan flipped through some of the pages and opted to try this one out the other day.

Have you ever boiled water in a paper cup over a candle? Well, neither had we! The end result was that we got really hot water, which steamed a LOT, but never fully boiled. The steam started collecting as condensation outside the cup (something along those lines), which would then drip and snuff out our candle, but it was a fun attempt and we ALMOST managed to boil water in a paper cup over a candle. The boys LOVED the attempt, and were so excited putting it all together and watching as the water heated.

Jared can't wait to go through the book and pick out his next experiment!


Betsy said...

and I hope you plan to share pictures. Sounds like a fun time!!

Cindy Lou Who said...

what a great "rainy day" project!