Friday, June 10, 2011

1st bus ride!

Connor got to have his first school bus ride last week at the Kindergarten Orientation for his soon-to-be elementary school. He was sooooooooooo excited!!


When the bus pulled up the loading area where we were all waiting, Connor was doubly excited to discover he'd be riding the same bus Emily and Jared ride every morning. He started climbing on the steps and said something to the driver along the lines of, "And you thought I wouldn't get to ride on your bus until next year!!" It was really cute/funny.

After kids/parents were loaded on for the test ride, and the bus was starting to move, I asked Connor, "What do you think buddy??" to which he replied, "WEEEEEE!!!"

With two older siblings on the bus already, he's not hesitant AT ALL to get to ride the bus as he heads off on his first day of school in the fall. His mama, however, is pretty sure she's going to bawl her eyes out at the site of the bus taking off with ALL THREE KIDS.

(PS Not sure why those two pictures are showing up as different sizes. I resized them the same! LOL!!)