Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Connor!

Dear Connor,

How is it possible that my baby is already five years old? You were the baby they told me probably wouldn't make it through the pregnancy, and here you are today, living proof that miracles happen!

You don't do anything partway, my sweet little mister. You laugh big, you love big, you tantrum big, you dream big, etc. When you set your mind to something, you see it through. This past fall, you decided you wanted to start taking swim lessons and within 6 months, were starting to swim on your own! I still get a kick out of seeing you swim across the pool at the YMCA, unassisted!

You are a charmer to the fullest extent. Everywhere we go, people comment about how adorable you are, how cute you are, how funny you are, etc. You have the most AMAZING smile, you are so eager to please and be helpful, you love to be as active as possible, and you simply just LOVE your family.

You are the quickest to share something that's yours, the quickest to offer up an "I love you", the quickest to offer to help... That's not to say you aren't also EXTREMELY stubborn and quick to anger, but you truly have a GIANT heart.

In a single day, you can drive me crazy with your stubborn ways, make me LAUGH with your goofy spirit, melt my heart with your sweetness, scare me to death with your dare-devilness (you're a major adrenalin junky!), etc. There is truly never a dull moment with you in my life!

You are soooo curious about the world around you, and ask many many many questions throughout the day about anything and everything, and MORE. Once you get an answer, you push for more detail, or question why the answer is what it is. You NEED to know all the why/what/where/when/if/and/but's there are in life, and while I admit the never-ending questions can be completely exhausting somedays, I truly appreciate your curiousity, and your desire to really LEARN. I hope you never lose the ability to question life around you and learn all you can.

Your favorite things in life right now are (in no particular order), your "soffy" blankets and stuffed animals, just about anything monkey/ape themed, wrestling with your daddy, winding your hands up into my hair, swimming, riding bikes, checking on your garden, helping people around you, and spending time with friends.

You came into this world ready to make your mark, and you are well on your way. Reach for the stars and stay true to yourself. Happy 5th birthday Connor. I love you more and more everyday. xoxo

Love, Mommy

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Kaci said...

Happy Birthday CJ! I love watching you grow! You are so special, xo from your Auntie Kaci =)