Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I was packing up the car to head home from a day trip to a local lake a while back. When I came back inside the cabin, I found Connor dipping something into his yogurt. What was he dipping into his yogurt, you might be wondering?

A hotdog.

Yes, you heard me, a hotdog.

And it gets worse.

The hotdog in question? It'd been cooked around 2pm, went unclaimed on a paper plate on the table for around 7 hours, and THEN got dipped into his yogurt.

I still feel a little queasy thinking about it.

I was under the impression it was a fresh hot dog from the fridge at the time I witnessed the dipping, so while it was still GROSS, it wasn't a serious health concern. It wasn't until days later I was told it was the hotdog from earlier in the day... If I'd known THAT, it would have hit the trash FAST.

He must have a pretty strong digestive system because nothing came of it!

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Kaci said...

Boys are gross! LOL