Wednesday, June 8, 2011

T-ball Weekend Part 1

Jared had a game on Saturday, and only 5/10 kids showed up. We added Connor to the team, as well as the 1st grade sister of one of our 2nd grade teammates, and just didn't have an outfield. The 1st/2nd grade combo teams are the learning years, so no score is kept, everyone bats each inning, and there are no "outs". So the other team had no issue with us having non-team people playing on our team. LOL

After the first three games of the season, the kids are allowed to try hitting without the T:

Jared tries so hard, but isn't quite there yet. He keeps his chin up and tries his best, and I'm super proud of him! He ended up connecting for a few very short hits, but he hit them!!

Here his is, on 3rd base waiting to be hit home. I love his "ready to run" stance!

Connor was super excited to get to play on the big kid team!


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Kaci said...

WTG CJ and J! =)