Thursday, June 9, 2011

T-ball Weekend Part 2

Connor had HIS T-ball game on Sunday. The preschool/kindergarten level has practices and games on the same day, and it's definately very casual.

The coach had each kid practicing throwing and catching with a parent:

almost caught it!

Caught it with his shoulder... (thank goodness they were only dense foam balls!! LOL)

taking his turn at bat during the "game"

Running from 2nd to 3rd base

We've decided Connor is part Golden Retriever puppy or something... LOL! He'd hit the ball off the T, and then run across the field after it, instead of running to first base (no matter how much we coached him to RUN TO 1ST BASE, he'd still end up running after the ball). Once on base, as his teammates would hit the ball off the T, he'd jump off base and go running after the ball. When playing the field, he'd leave his position to go running after the ball. The best was when he was playing 1st base and went running after a ball that was in the outfield behind 3rd base. hahahaha! There was lots of laughter all around as Connor was running here and there and everywhere after the ball. GOOF!!!


Kaci said...

That's soooo funny!! That's like playing soccer and scoring for the other team. LOL!

Shan said...

Oh that is so funny!!