Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Swim junkies

Jared and Connor have REALLY taken to the water over the past 8 months. They both love their swim lessons classes, and they have really gotten into their water polo lessons as well. Connor is still working out some coordination issues (major breakthrough, though, this past weekend when he finally got a good crawl-stroke rhythm going!! WOO HOO!!), but is making progress in leaps and bounds. There's really no stopping him once he sets his mind to it, and he BEGS to be in the pool as often as possible! Jared has some technique to work on, but has major endurance and some pretty impressive speed (especially considering he couldn't swim at all back in June of last year!). It has been so amazing to watch their skills improve, the interest grow, and to really just see them ENJOYING what they're doing. Emily Grace figured out by the age of 2 that dance and music were her things, but we've struggled to find something the boys are excited about. Turns out, they like the water. I can't wait to see where these two adorable little men end up!!

Showing off their new Speedos (suggested attire for water polo so they aren't battling long baggy swim trunks while trying to tread water).


EMO said...

Check out these EMO waterpolo trunks:

Kaci said...

I love that picture! It screams brothers.