Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Embracing Life

I think this picture pretty much sums Connor up: He's embracing life with arms fully stretched out, he's got his sights set on the sky, he doesn't mind a few pretty things along the way, and he does it all with a charming smile.

Granted, if that picture had been taken from the highest point of the fastest rollercoaster, it would sum Connor up a little better... *grin*

I took that picture last week while we were at the "music park" (as it's referred to by my kids) for the weekly Summer Concert Series our town puts on. I snapped these two while we were there as well.

(Here's a nice close-up view of where the little stinker cut a chunk of hair off his head, front and center... UGH!)

1 comment:

Kaci said...

Ugh, I dread the day Elly does that...I hope it never comes.

Cute flower power pics. Em could be in a 70s movie. =)