Monday, July 16, 2012

Kayaking adventures

Slowly but surely making my way through all the pictures I've been taking over the last few weeks! Jared RARELY lets me take his picture without making a "funny" face, or turning his back on me, so if you've noticed he's barely been shown on my blog lately, THAT'S WHY!

Here's Emily and I enjoying time out on the water:

A seal swam up close to us and stared at us for the longest time before dunking underwater and swimming further away again. We saw "him" several more times from a distance. It was really neat to see "him" hanging out with us!

We took Charlie out with us one of the times. He wasn't too sure of it. I'm sure if we take him a few more times, he'd get used to it, but I haven't decided if I want to mess with it or not! Unfortunately, the day we took him out, it was a really low tide, and before I could pick him up and carry him down to the water's edge, he'd dashed across the beach, sunk in up to his "armpits" of all four legs, and got covered in GOO! I swished him back and forth in the water to get the bulk of it off, but there ended up being a bit of a muddy mess in the kayak and on myself... LOL! O'well, you can't expect to spend a day at the beach/on the water and not get a little dirty and/or wet!

Yesterday we took our neighbor/friend, Cindy, out kayaking with us. She lives right across the street from us and had expressed interest in going! I braved driving Dan's truck for the first time ever, and loading/unloading the kayaks without his help. It all went pretty smoothly! It wasn't a sunny day AT ALL, but it was just warm enough that no one was chilled, and the lack of sun meant a lack of boats (which makes me happy, because there's no idiots speeding along through the narrow end of the bay, and it's much easier to paddle without all the wake and choppiness!). It was nice to be out, and to share the kayaking experience with a friend! Wish I'd thought to take a picture...

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Kaci said...

What a fun time, I can't wait to live near water again. =)