Monday, October 15, 2012

1st swim meet

Jared and Connor had their first swim meet this weekend. It was so fun to watch them compete! There's a lot of little technical stuff you have to do (or not do) in order not to be disqualified in a race, and we're learning as we go... Jared had some major disappointments being disqualified in some of his events, but his coaches were quick to assure him that it happens to everyone at some point, especially when he's only been in the swim club for a month!

The coaches pulled us aside and had great compliments for both boys and said they're excited to see them grow in their abilities. I am VERY proud of my little guys! It was very brave to go out and compete for the first time, and both boys had really good times for their ages and how long they've been swimming.

Connor placed 2nd in his heat for the 25yd freestyle, and 1st in his heat for the 25yd breaststroke. Jared placed 3rd in his heat for the 100yd breaststroke (but DQ'd due to one accidental flutter kick leading into a turn), and 2nd in his heat for the 100yd freestyle (several people approached us and said if his flip turns were better, he'd have easily won--Jared only JUST started doing flip turns this week, basically!).

Connor's events were ages 8 and under (he's 6), and Jared's events were ages 10 and under (he's 8), so they are both at the low end of their group's age ranges, and have lots of time to improve. They really seemed to enjoy the experience, and I loved the heck out of watching them (and also that I was safely INDOORS while all the soccer parents stood out in the pouring down rain all weekend! ha!).

WAY TO GO JARED AND CONNOR!! Mommy and Daddy are SO proud of you guys. You don't have to win for us to be proud of you, you just have to do your best, and you both swam your hearts out. We had so much fun watching you, and couldn't be more proud. Giant high fives to you both!

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Kaci said...

Amazing swimming boys you have there LL! =) XOXO Congrats Jare Bear and CJ! XOXO