Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Missing Front Tooth

Last night, CJ joined his siblings in the "lost a front when it wasn't totally ready" club.

If you remember, Emily Grace had a somewhat wiggly front tooth, which got knocked out when she fell forward on the teeter-totter and hit her mouth. Jared's tooth wasn't the tiniest bit wiggly prior to making contact with Connor's head in a bounce house, but it never did set up properly in the gums again, it hurt him a lot, and ended up falling out (he was four).

As of last night, Connor's tooth was definitely wiggly, but easily a week away from being totally ready to come out. He asked me to give it a wiggle to see how it was doing, then walked away while I finished a conversation with Emily. Less than a minute later he was standing in front of me, starting to panic, with a mouth full of blood and the tooth dangling precariously out of his mouth and I was wondering what in the world happened in such a short time-frame! LOL! Apparently he'd gone to the couch where Dan was propped up on his side and dove from one end onto Dan, who didn't know it was happening in order to try and catch him, and Connor's arm slipped out from underneath as he was catching himself, so he ended up face-first into Dan's shoulder. It was a little gruesome for a few minutes while we stopped the bleeding and assessed the "damage" (the other front tooth that was barely wiggly is now considerably more so), but the end result is one rather proud little boy.



That sweet little face kills me!!! Now the question is do I get school picture retakes done next week to show off that adorable little gap (he's the only one of my kiddos who's first grade photo doesn't show off missing front teeth/tooth), or leave well enough alone? hmmmm... I guess it depends on how the first picture turned out (which I assume we'll be getting any day now??).

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Kaci said...

Ouchie Mommas!! =) Cute toothless grin though.