Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quotes of the Week

Jared has been learning to write in cursive in his 3rd grade class, so he's been busy leaving notes around the house (pretty much with the sole intent of harrassing Connor, who can't read cursive yet). He was excitedly telling his Grandpa Dan yesterday about how he can write cursive (while showing off some of his handiwork), and then stated, "I used to only be able to write in English!!"

While pointing at a traffic light this morning on our way home from the dentist, Emily stated, "That looks like a booger." Really? Because I've never seen glowing green boogers, but that's just me! Maybe I should pay more attention to what I'm feeding her??? ha!

While at the dentist, there was a loud squeaky sound, which sounded similar to the high-pitched yelp/shriek Emily Grace does when she's surprised, hurt, scared, etc. (Basically, we hear it allllll the dang time!). As I was thinking in my head how it sounded like Emily, Connor whipped around in his seat to look toward the sound and said, "I think I just heard that dramatic sound Emily does!" hahahaha! "Dramatic sound" is right!

After learning a bit of trivia (at my favorite little coffee stand this morning), I shared the information with the kids: "The average 4 year old asks about 400 questions per day." Now, Connor's not four years old, but he DOES ask a lot (and I mean A LOT) of questions. So it totally cracked me up when he immediately asked, "Why do 4 year olds ask 400 questions a day?" (That's how they learn about the world around them.) "Did I ask 400 questions a day when I was 4?" (Probably more.) "Do I still ask that many questions?" (Probably, YES!) "How many questions do you think I ask every day?" (Too many to count.) "Do you think you should count them and see?" (NO!) And the conversation continued... Dan and I have decided he'll probably be the smartest person in the world because he will know EVERYTHING after he asks EVERYTHING. *grin* Gotta love a kid with interest and curiosity!

"How many more minutes until the bus comes?" (20 minutes) "How long is that?" (shorter than an episode of Wild Kratts) "Is that enough time to play the Wii?" (nope, sorry) "Is it enough time to watch TV?" (nope, sorry) "Well, what can I do then?" (Read a book! Find some toys! Play with Charlie!) "What if I don't want to do any of that stuff?" (Draw a picture, ride your bike...) "Can I play with your phone?" (No) "How much more time until the bus comes NOW?"


Leah Mae's Mama said...

Leah Mae asked so many questions!! One time when she was riding with her auntie and uncle on a trip we were all making together in our different vehicles, they insisted we take her back with us when we made a stop. She drove her uncle crazy! Ha-ha!

Kaci said...

HAHA! Glow in the dark boogers!