Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jedi Jared

Waiting for the Star Wars Jedi training show to begin
 photo DSC_2113_zpsecb7ecc0.jpg

Jared was chosen from the audience to take part in the Jedi training! (He's towards the left in the Donald Duck hat)
 photo feb17-2213Disneylandtrip4_zpsfe4a29b0.jpg

 photo feb17-2213Disneylandtrip6_zpsfe9ab510.jpg

Once the kids were trained as Jedi's, Darth Vadar and two Storm Troopers showed up (photo credit to my cousin's husband, Aaron)
 photo DSC_2126_zpsa2bcea2d.jpg

Hot on their heels was Darth Maul (photo credit to Aaron)
 photo DSC_2133_zps3ff1b5ec.jpg

Some kids got to fight Darth Vadar, and some kids got the fight Darth Maul. Jared was in the group that fought Darth Maul
 photo feb17-2213Disneylandtrip9_zpsbb02e440.jpg

After defeating the enemy, the kids were lined up to recite a Jedi pledge, then received certificates of completion of Jedi training
 photo feb17-2213Disneylandtrip14_zps28ff2f29.jpg

Jared had a really good time, and the guy running the show/training was really funny, so it made it a fun show for the adults, too!


Betsy said...

McKayla would LOVE that, she is a HUGE star wars fan =)

Kaci said...

So fun! I bet Jared was thrilled!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

That is so cool! My son would love that!