Friday, March 29, 2013

Haha Ouch

On a recent Costco trip to get Dan (for his birthday) the two kinds of alcohol he's been saying he wanted, but wouldn't just buy for himself, I remembered that we were also running VERY low on peanut butter. I had to laugh when Connor crawled into the cart and offered to keep everything safe. Two big jugs of alcohol and a double jar of PB. LOL!! (One of these things is not like the other...)
 photo mar1513JaredConnorCostco_zpsc5be74b8.jpg

At his first freestyle tournament, Connor went out onto the warm-up mat and started doing some neck stretches. I'm convinced something permanently damaging would happen to me if I tried this:
 photo mar1613ConnorFreestyleTournament2_zps42ff97b0.jpg


Kaci said...

OMG that neck stretch makes me hurt!! HOLY!

Too funny about the protector of booze and PB! =)

Betsy said...

That makes me hurt just seeing it. And that is a funny picture of CJ protecting the pb and booze. Would make for an interesting night! lol