Monday, March 4, 2013

Wrestling Banquet

Connor's wrestling team had it's year-end banquet Friday night. What a GREAT night for the team! The head coach created a 30 minute video full of clips of the kids's matches throughout the season set to fun music. Fun to see the highlights from each kid!!

Then, the coaches gave some nice speeches about each kid as they presented the participation trophies. Coach Kevin talked about how Connor was probably the strongest kid this age he'd ever seen, and mentioned how much Connor had grown in ability and confidence by the end of the season, rounding out the speech by mentioning the COOLEST moment during a match Connor was in (where Connor was nearly getting pinned and suddenly bridged out with head and feet so hard and fast he flipped the other kid right over and ended up on top of him!)
 photo DSC_0038-1_zps31da62c5.jpg

 photo DSC_0039_zps39669a8e.jpg

Then they gave out "Best of" medals.

Connor got a medal for "Fastest Pin" with a time of 13 seconds:
 photo DSC_0040_zps0fbf895d.jpg

He got a 2nd medal for "Most 3pt Near-Falls" (which is when you've almost pinned someone, and they get a shoulder loose at the last second or something, but you get points for having them on their back so long)
 photo DSC_0041_zpsdf6f6221.jpg

Then he got a certificate for being on the "100 Point Club" (earned 100+ points in his matches during the course of the season) with 175pts
 photo DSC_0042_zps3aab2845.jpg

Coach said about 2/3 of the team made it onto the 100 Point Club this year; Connor had the 3rd highest Points (two kids weren't able to attend the banquet and should have been in this photo as well)
 photo DSC_0045_zpse6894f3f.jpg

Connor ended up as one pretty decorated little kid!!
 photo IMG_32591_zps198e36e5.jpg


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He sure did!! Way to go little man! =)

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