Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Connor's preschool class got to visit a cute little farm about a half hour away from where we live last week. They got to have a little hayride, then pick some apples off the actual trees, dig up some carrots, choose a small pumpkin, and then got to feed some bread to the chickens! The kids had a BLAST!



Connor has hauled his pumpkin all over the house, proudly showing it off to anyone and everyone who will listen (and since we haven't had many visitors, he's had a very grudging audience of older siblings who are sort of at the "WE KNOW, WE KNOW!" stage at this point...LOL).

We had hopes of getting the entire family to a pumpkin patch this year (something I don't believe we've done since Connor was just a few months old), but we never ended up with a good weekend. I guess we'll be buying pumpkins from the grocery store again this year (and that's assuming there's even any left!).

At least Connor got to go with his preschool class!


Kaci said...

Yay Connor! =) Sounds like a cute pumpkin patch perfect for little ones!

Betsy said...

My girls are trying to do everything with their little pumpkins! Glad CJ got one he loves! :P