Thursday, October 7, 2010

Toothfairy Time!

Emily Grace wants to be The Toothfairy for Halloween. I set to work on a colorful tutu for her to wear, dug up the wings and wand from when I was The Toothfairy last year, and ordered her a long-sleeved white leotard (she'll wear white leggings underneath as well). I think the overall result is pretty dang cute! We'll foo-foo her hair up, and add a little tiara and hair glitter to complete the look when it's actually Halloween.



FYI, as gorgeous as the pink sparkly tule is (pictures don't do the color of the tutu justice), I will NEVER purposely use it again. It's stiff and hard to work with, and that's not even mentioning how much GLITTER ends up EVERYWHERE. AND. I. MEAN. EVERYWHERE. (everywhere). It also acts much more velcro-y than regular tule, so the whole tutu ends up in a jumbled mess rather quickly, which makes me sad because of how hard I worked on the darn thing, but Emily is SUPER thrilled with it, and that's what matters most anyway.


Cindy Lou Who said...

I love it - I would like to order one Alex from Wizards of Waverly place please! ;o)

Betsy said...

That is beautiful Leah. I was going to make some for my girls, didn't happen. Store bought again this year for us. Maybe next!