Friday, October 29, 2010

Mario and Luigi

The 1st graders at my children's school have been studying and "raising" meal worms in their science classes. Every week, they examined the meal worms and documented any changes they saw, gave the meal worms fresh bran and a fresh chunk of potato (for moisture), and made guesses about what the meal worms would turn into. Jared named his meal worms Mario and Bowser, but after Bowser died, it was replaced with Luigi.

Currently, Mario has transformed into a beetle, and Luigi is still a pupa.

As the beetles were emerging, permission slips came home to be signed if the parents were agreeable to allow the nasty little critters beetles to come home with their child. My first thought was NO THANKS, but poor Jared was devastated at the idea of not being able to bring home his nasty little critters beetles that he "worked so hard to take care of and now you're just going to let them be thrown away!!!!!!!"

And so, we have a pupa and a beetle to add to our pet collection. Thankfully, the adults only live a few weeks, and they are content in a small plastic container full of bran flakes and a chunk of potato. I can handle that.

It's this I can't handle so much

But it thrills the heck out of Jared, who LOVES science, and who am I to stand in the way of a love of science?


Kaci said...

See now I thought you were gonna talk about pizza. Instead I see beetles...what the, what the! =) Boys!!!

Although I remember 6th grade science and doing a bug thingy and I learned and loved every minute of that class!

Betsy said...

I was expecting pictures of a halloween costume and I get BUGS! Blek! You are an awesome mother!!

Cattigan said...

LOL I was thinking the same as Betsy! You are a much better momma than me!

Cindy Lou Who said...

eeww, your braver then i am letting those come home.