Thursday, December 9, 2010

One of my favorites!

This is one of my favorite holiday pictures EVER of my children. It's one of the RARE pictures that not only includes all three kids, but has all three kids COOPERATIVE AND SMILING! Not to mention, it got a bazillion and one rave reviews on the cuteness factor when I mailed it out for Christmas... *grin*

And this is still the holiday photo that still makes me laugh the hardest. Talk about a major SCROOGE!


Kaci said...

HAHAHA!! I forgot about the second pic! HAHA! Such a sad face! I still lurve the first. Priceless!

Betsy said...

That second one is PRICELESS! Sometimes those are the best ones. The chaotic ones that show how the family REALLY was, not the posed, perfect portraits =)