Monday, December 6, 2010


Jared created Toad (from Mario Brothers) out of Play-Doh

Wrong colors, but cute attempt!

He and Connor spent almost two hours playing with Play-Doh the other day; it was GREAT! And they used Play-Doh my cousin bought them at some point over the summer. She texted me saying "I bought your kids Play-Doh... Have fun! hahaha!" I replied, "Thanks so much! Our other stuff was getting all dried out..." *grin* It was fun not giving her the reaction she expected. And the kids were thrilled to get new colors! (Thanks again Mirinda!)


Kaci said...

The fireball Toad is that color...not that I would know that...Jon plays that game. No really. =)

Cindy Lou Who said...

LOL Kaci

Betsy said...

I was thinking that Kaci, but I wasn't gonna comment that! ROFL!