Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Visit with Santa

The kids had a GREAT visit with Santa! He took his time to ask them about what they wanted, and asked for extra details. He asked if they'd been naughty or nice, and commented that he knew they'd been arguing a lot lately, and made them pinky promise to try to stop arguing so much. *grin* Connor would have sat there and chatted all day long, but there was a long line of other kiddos waiting their turn, so we coaxed him off Santa's lap and headed on our way.

Santa through the years:

And that collage is photographic evidence that we make Emily wear her holiday dresses for two years in a row, starting with year 2004. LOL


Kaci said...

And they changed chairs too!! =)

Betsy said...

Totally cute! I didn't even notice till you pointed it out! I have been so frustrated with the dresses they have come out with this year. Too few and not very pretty either.

And I think mine would be wearing theirs again if Liv hadn't grown so much. I like them to match and they don't sell the same one this year, so we got some that are nothing Christmas, pink and fluffy. =)