Friday, December 3, 2010

Santa, the genius

Conversation I had with Connor yesterday:

Connor: How come Santa is so much smarter than everyone else?
Me: I don't think he's smarter than everyone else. We're both pretty smart, right? What makes you think Santa's smarter than everyone else?
Connor: Well, he knows how to check the lists twice, and he knows which list is which to know who's good and who's bad, and I think that's pretty smart!
(he's got me on that one!)

And just because we're on a roll, I'll share two more funny conversations we've had with Connor recently!

Connor: Do you know how you can be really cool?
Dan: I don't know, how?
Connor: You get a really big fan and turn it all the way up.
(be honest, you weren't thinking the COLD type of "cool" were you??? I was fully expecting him to talk about having on sunglasses and wearing a rock n' roll t-shirt or something!! LOL!!!)

Connor: I know two of the letters in feet. F and T.
Me: Great job Connor! Can you hear the letter sound in the middle of the word? (as I proceed to sound the word out for him letter by letter)
Connor: I hear E!! If there was an "i" instead, would it be "fight"?
Me: Fight does have an "i" sound in the middle, but f-i-t would actually be fit, and YOU have lots of fits, don't you?
Connor: Yeah, and that's how come you know how to spell it, huh?


Kaci said...

Oh that Connor! LOL!

Betsy said...

ROFL! That kid is on a roll lately isn't he?

Cindy Lou Who said...

LOL - Love that kids comments