Saturday, August 23, 2008


Someone recently mentioned that I don't often talk about ME on my blog, so I figured I would do that today!

Here I am, in all my sweaty glory...It was somewhere around 90 degrees and muggy the day this was taken (and for western WA, that's a HOT day), and we'd been outside ALL DAY LONG (and then some) because of Dan's company summer party, followed immediately by our annual summer get-together with my dad's side of the family.

Some things you probably don't know about me yet:

1.) My one big regret from high school was not "doing" prom. I didn't go to Junior Prom, and although I went to Senior Prom, I didn't go get my hair and make-up done, I didn't get the princess dress, I went with the safe guy friend instead of asking the guy I really wanted to ask... If I HAD to do high school over again (I don't have any desire to go back, so this is a really truly an IF I HAD TO situation), I would save harder for the dress I really wanted, I would get my hair and make-up done, and work harder at building the courage to ask cutie boy Jake. NOT saying I didn't have a nice time, because I did, but I wish I'd really done it up.

2.) The toes next to my pinky toes are crooked. And don't ask for a picture because I'm not showing you my feet! All three of my kids have the same crooked little toes.

3.) I'm afraid of heights and am super cheapy about spending money, but I think I really do want to spend the $265 and go sky diving (with video and still pictures as proof). Just to say I've done it.

4.) It bothers me A LOT that I have a lot more blog posts about Emily and Connor than I do of Jared. And it's not some forgotten middle child syndrome at work either; it's the simple fact that Jared won't pose for pictures very often. So I end up taking pictures of the Diva Emily (major ham for the camera, in case you hadn't picked up on that), and Connor, who is happy to flash me a sweet little grin (or is up to no good and giving me all sorts of blog material). And I have this horrible fear that people come to my blog and notice on the blog category list that Jared's post numbers are far smaller and think I'm a terribly neglectful mother. sigh...

5.) I just found green crayon on the wall next to me, and I can't tell you how many weeks it's been since we've had crayons out, so either I've been VERY unobservant, or Connor's sneaky. Or it's a combo of the two! ha!

6.) I recently discovered that chocolate chip cookies made with ground flax seed instead of eggs are really good! (1 Tbsp flax seed plus 3 Tbsp water = 1 egg). Dan says they're acceptable. I thought they were really good!

7.) My digital camera broke a few months ago and I've been unable to make a decision on what to buy to replace it. I've been borrowing cameras (had my mom's for a few days, then had two of my MIL's at separate times, and have been using Emily's most recently)

8.) I never sent out thank you's for any of the kids' birthday parties, OR for the birthday luncheons we had with my mom's side of the family. It wasn't that I didn't want to or didn't think I should/needed to. It was that I felt obligated to have them be home-made since that's kind of what I've been known for with family and friends, and I got so overwhelmed in the end at the idea of having to make 30 plus cards when all was said and done, that I just didn't make any. And then a few weeks ago, the guilt started to eat away at me, so I ran out and bought some notecards and started filling them out for at least the family members. BUT THEN, I felt stupid that they'd be MONTHS late (birthdays were all May and June), so I set them aside. I also thought it would be nice for the kids to include their own words or pictures as well, and trying to wrangle three kids down to the table to sign a bunch of cards, on top of everything else (getting rear-ended and having PT, Em was finishing up school and having her Kinder grad ceremony, and then having her dance recital, and then we've been gearing up for the wedding, were out of town, I've been busy preparing for the start of preschool for Jared and 1st grade for Emily, etc), and it just hasn't happened. So, friends and family, we greatly appreciate your gifts and your thoughts on our birthdays, and I'm sorry I'm a bum and never got out thank you's...

9.) I have a little too much fun helping Emily earn Webkinz Cash by playing Webkinz arcade games (and I'm not the only one, Jodi and Cheryl are hooked, too!)

10.) I get a little long-winded sometimes (and NO, you did NOT already know that! ha!)


Anonymous said...

Hey! This was great getting to know YOU better!!! and i have to say that I LIKE YA!!!☺

I love my little digital camera...and it was not that expen$ive, either. It is a CASIO EXSLIM..and mine is pink :) I got is a few months ago and I love it!!!

I had a KODAK Easy Share & the batteries were dying like all the time & i even got the GOOD ones! But this new camera has its own rechargeable battery thing and it lasts FOREVER!!! and it even does little videos that are YOUTUBE ready. :) am not a salesman for CASIO! {ha ha}

Kristina said...

Was that a subtle dig at me?? That's least my ploy worked! What on earth possessed you to try flaxseed in chocolate chip cookies? If you finally work up the courage to go skydiving, call me...maybe I'll work up the courage, too. Then again, maybe not. I'm TERRIFIED of heights... Don't worry about the number of posts about each kid being equal. It's pretty obvious reading your blog that you love ALL of your kids. (Just look at the picture in your "About Me"!) I'm not sure what Webkinz are, but that's okay. I'm addicted to PlayStation 3 LEGO Indiana Jones and Star Wars. Oh, and sometimes I get out a coloring book and crayons and color for awhile.

Jessica said...

Wow that worries me about how much of that I already knew. I am sorry to burst the bubble.
Keep posting about you too! I like it and I am trying to do it on my own blog too. We will see.
And you are not long winded you just have a lot of opinions. loves!

Auntie said...

Cute picture of you.
I didn't know you had a crooked toe. What kind of an auntie am I?
The sky dive thing is a thirty year old deal. When I turned thirty I thought I wanted to also,
this will pass. : )
The kids called me personally with my thank you, and the happiness I heard was thank you enough.
I am still thankful that box full of costumes was a hit with YOU.
Smile. I love you.

Cattigan said...

You are not the only one who has #9 ;)

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I do thank you cards too and then months later I'll questions whether I got everyone or not but it's too late to do anything about it.. :)

shell said...

My camera is broken too so I understand your pain.

The picture of you is muy bueno! Your hair is long and you're looking way skinny.

Oh and I didn't even send out thank you cards for my wedding.


Kaci said...

I so wanna see the crocked toe. :)

Had you posted this before Idlewild I so would of been looking for it.


I wub you Leah Pants!

Megryansmom said...

Holy cow! I'm on your blogroll! I just noticed! You cannot imagine how excited that makes me, tytytytyty.

I too want to see the crooked toe, not that I'm weird like that or have some kind of foot fetish, just that now that you've mentioned it I'm curious.

Poor Tons of Fun has weird toes LOL

Betsy said...

YAY! More to know about Leah!! I like the picture too :)

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

Great getting to know you, Leah! I just wanted to say..."AhhhHHH! THANKS!" for your comment about my girlies on Shan's blog. That was so sweet. And I can't tell you how many times I've been asked if they are twins despite the fact they are two years apart! :)

Jodi said...

Yay! I love all the new information about you.

I totally get the idea about the thank you cards. It gets way overwhelming sometimes when you're supposed to hand-make them all pretty and stuff and it takes away from the webkinz time. Sheesh! Don't they know you are doing something IMPORTANT?

Ha ha ha!

Clancy in Idaho said...

LOL! You sound just like me with the Thank You cards... I totally SUCK at those things. I only sent out about 40 of them when we got married. And my MIL (bless her heart) liked to make me feel like a big loser because of it. Love that woman...


Cheryl said...

That's cool...I got to know you a little better & that's a good thing. I have a weird toe that pokes up just a little next to the big toe, so what do I do?? I have a toe ring on it. I think people wonder why a 51-year old grandma wears a toe ring. 'Cuz I like it, that's why.

And yes, Webkinz is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT & so other things, like vacuuming, dusting, etc. haven't been done in over a week. Shame...I don't care! No I don't!

(AND...I'm long winded & just KNOW that it's because I have such important things to say. So do you! Keep it up.)

bv said...

How did I miss this post?! I'll tell you how...I never added you to my Google Reader subscriptions. I;m wy on top of it now as I will not miss another post!

I have to tell you that my husband isn't crazy about my blogging addiction/obsession BUT he came home today as I wasn't feeling well and I had your blog pulled up. He was scrolling through it and said, "Don't you just love this kind of stuff? It's so uplifting" I almost fell off of the couch!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!

I absolutely loved learning more about you and actually seeing a cutie picture of you!!!! Great post!

Anonymous said...

That was really fun to get to read more about you! :) And I'm wondering how I missed these two posts down here. Hmmm.