Tuesday, February 8, 2011

5 second rule

Here you have it:

Be sure to watch to the end, not just until the blue "whatyououghttoknow.com" screen. There's a hilarious bit at the end comparing broccoli and a candybar. haha!

I loved this quote:
"The purpose of the five-second rule is not to protect you from bacteria but from ridicule. It's shorthand for, "I know what I'm doing is gross, but citing this rule will allow me to eat this brownie and you to pretend there is justification for me eating this brownie."


Betsy said...

Leah, only for you would I pull out my headphones to listen to this video at school!
"One word: Moms" ROFL!!

Cindy Lou Who said...

crack me up!!! and grossed me out! LOL