Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Father/Daughter Ball 2011

For the 3rd year in a row, Dan and Emily Grace attended the Father/Daughter Ball. Emily looks forward to this event ALL. YEAR. LONG.

She's about ready to jump out of her skin from excitement here!

Gotta strike a pose when you're all dressed up!

Pretty hair accessory and bling!

Fancy nails (complete with tiny "diamonds" in the centers of each one), and the pretty pale pink freshwater pearl bracelet she won at last years' Father/Daughter Ball.

Posing together just before leaving the house

They stood in line and paid for professional pictures, too, which will get mailed to our house at some point in the next few weeks. I'll be sure to share them at that point!


Kaci said...

They look great! Love Em's nails, you go girl!

Betsy said...

What wonderful pictures. =) She is really a beautiful girl.

Cindy Lou Who said...

I'm so jealous, I wish they did one around here!