Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eva's hat

I recently knit a hat for Eva using two strands of yarn at the same time. One strand was leftover yarn from the sweater set I made Eva and gave to Alisa at her baby shower:

And the other strand of yarn was a funky "string" with random bits of colored fluff here and there along it, which I got for $1 at Big Lots almost a year ago.

The end result is pretty gosh darn cute if I do say so myself!


Betsy said...

The last picture isn't showing :( But I'm sure its beautiful! =) All the sweaters you sent this direction are outgrown but we sure loved them!

Betsy said...

Okay, NEVERMIND! My computer at home has "issues" lol. That hat is ADORABLE!! =) Love it!

Kaci said...

Adorable! Can't wait to get my set in the mail someday! =) HAHAHAH

Cindy Lou Who said...

I want one for me! ;o)