Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Outdoor fun!

We headed out early Sunday morning, got coffee from the coffee shop my cousin was working at (the kids LOVE getting to see her when she's working!), then headed home to take a walk around the neighborhood in the not-quite-sunny-but-not-quite-cloudy (brightly overcast?? LOL) day. It was fun walking along, visiting with the kids, sipping at our coffees (flavored milk steamers for the kiddos). We decided to head down to the neighborhood dock and beach and putter around down there for awhile, before heading home and getting to work on the usual Sunday routine (grocery shopping, laundry, etc).

If I'd had a more cooperative group of kids, I'd have taken a LOT more pictures. I'm a total amateur photographer, but I had some fun ideas/poses I wanted to attempt, using the dock and nearby rowboats, etc as backdrops/backgrounds. What I got was a lot of complaining, a lot of fake smiles, and not a lot of "share-worthy" pictures!

I did get some decent individual poses.




And then I got this little bit of hilariousness!


Life would be pretty dull without Connor!


Kaci said...

LOL! His smile kills me! =) Great pics and I so want some COFFEE right now!

Betsy said...

He is such a funny kid! =) Love those pics.

Shan said...

Sweet pictures!

Cindy Lou Who said...

Wow - Emily's hair is growing so fast! Seems like yesterday when she cut it!