Monday, January 31, 2011


We attempted to get a picture of my grandma (mom's mom) with all the great-grandkids. This is the best we got!

Not too bad considering my grandma hates to pose for pictures, Grace (just to the right of Emily) was really sick, Eva (the baby on my Grandma's lap) was tired and hungry, and we'd called the boys down from the playroom upstairs... LOL!

Not pictured: My 10 year old neice, Ali, who had prior plans for the day, and Russell (my cousin's 2.5 year old son), who was misbehaving and got taken upstairs for a nap.

Next month, hopefully all the kids will be in attendance and we can try again!


Kaci said...

Poor Granny looks like she has her hands full. LOL

Cindy Lou Who said...

I love pics like that!

Betsy said...

That picture is precious. =)