Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'd have rather had coal

I guess we got put on the "naughty" list this year, but instead of coal, Santa brought us LICE.

Christmas came to a SCREECHING halt mid-way through the day when I found bugs on Em's head (and suspected some on myself as well since we share brushes and hair scrunchies!), and instead of gathering with extended family, we rushed to the grocery store for OTC lice treatments, spent HOURS combing through hair, and spent three solid days running loads of laundry (bedding, pillows, jackets, clothing, throw blankets, towels, stuffed animals, and whatever else would fit), and HOURS vacuuming carpets, mattresses, recliners... Stuff that wouldn't go through the washing machine got bagged up and is currently stored out in the garage (Internet says 14 days; I think we'll wait longer than that just to be safe!).

I have never worked so hard in my life on this house. I was up around 8am each morning, and didn't go to bed until 1am (or later!). The minute an article of clothing came off someone's body (or they we done snuggling under a blanket, etc), it went straight into a laundry basket, and the minute I had enough to warrant a load, I was doing laundry. I vacuumed repeatedly, and washed bedding and pillows daily for several days.

We've done OTC lice treatments, home-remedy treatments (including slathering our heads with mayo and wrapping with a plastic bag overnight--which, by the way, is quite foul smelling by the morning...GAG--also including adding tea tree oil to shampoo, and purchasing expensive OTC "lice repellant" shampoos and leave-in spray), and Dan took the boys outside straight away and buzzed their heads as a quick fix.

The kids had a fantastic time, regardless, because while Dan and I were busting our hinies doing all the laundry and vacuuming, they were stuffing themselves with Christmas candy, watching new movies, and playing new Wii games to their hearts' content. What more could a kid ask for???

Around 9pm Christmas night, as I sat next to my two nearly-bald little boys, and my mayo slathered daughter, sporting some mayo myself, I looked at Dan and suggested we might as well have a little fun with the cards we were dealt by posing us for a picture:

I find it hysterical that one of the nicest pictures we have of us (typically, someone's not smiling, or someone's not looking, or someone's pouting, or someone refuses to pose at all, etc) is where the boys are freshly bald, and Em and I have mayo and plastic bags on our head!! GO FIGURE!!

I wonder how long it takes to stop being freakishly paranoid where I don't feel the need to do so much laundry, so much vacuuming, and I don't panic over every little itch on my head, or over seeing one of the kids scratch??? I feel a little OCD right now. haha!

This year, the kids and I are gonna be extra good, 'cause this time I want PRESENTS!!!!!!!


Cindy Lou Who said...

oh my - you poor thing. Knocking on wood, I have never had to deal with that. But my sister did and it was insane. I'm so sorry. And worse that it was a holiday. :o(

Cattigan said...

I think it's hysterical that it is probably one of the best pictures of you guys ever that I've seen :) Something similar to the kids and I in front of the Harbor tree last year! These are the memories that we will cherish and laugh about many many many many years down the road!

Kaci said...

When I got your text I screamed in horror! Glad you made the best of it though, you're a trooper!

Betsy said...

I am glad you made the best of it. Few people would be so optimistic!

Carrie said...

Just read this...little late I know. So sorry to hear, ewww, I know, used to happen to my neice when she was in school all the time. For future reference, hopefully NEVER needed again, used mayonaisse, is suffocates the little bugger and conditions your hair beautifully at the same time. No icky chemicals. Just thought you should know.

Carrie said...

I know you said you did mayo before but I've never heard of overnight...that would be gross!