Friday, January 14, 2011

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

5 things:

1. I had the deep fryer out.
2. I had an onion.
3. I decided to treat Dan and the kids to onion rings with dinner.
4. I found a recipe online and got to work.
5. The onion rings were a huge success, and here's the BIG NEWS:
I tried one, and liked it!!!!

(I cut them a little skinny, and I didn't have a wire rack to let them drip for a few minutes, so they're funky looking, but they were YUMMY!)

My mother just fainted from shock...

Onions were not allowed to touch my lips as a child (not for lack of trying on her part!), and while I've introduced onions into my life in small amounts as an adult (tiny chopped onions in home-made soups and whatnot), I wasn't willing to do any large pieces/bites. But you know what?? They smelled SOOOOO good, and I couldn't resist one bite. They were good! Big pain in the hiney to make, though, and then I had dirty, onion smelling oil to dispose of afterwards, so ME making them will probably never happen again, but I will partake in the eating of onion rings at restaurants in the future (assuming they taste as good as my home-made ones did).

The End.


Kaci said...

MMmmmmmmmmmm Onion Rings!!! DELISH!

Cindy Lou Who said... onion rings, and hate raw onions. they have to be cooked in something. And the onion rings have to be skinny - i dont like big fat onions in the middle. I gotcha girl! ;o)