Friday, January 21, 2011

Today's Date in past years

I was struggling to come up with a blog post for today, and finally decided to look on my computer and find pictures taken on January 21st from past years. I didn't get a digital camera until April or so of 2002, so the first Jan pic is from 2003. I tried to use all Jan. 21st photos, but some years I didn't take a photo that exact day, so I used the closest one I had.

Jan 21st 2003:
Emily as an 8 month old baby, laughing while playing with some toys

Jan 15th 2004:
Emily giving Uncle Corey a hug the night he came home for R&R after being gone approx 9 months in Iraq with his National Guard unit; we'd kept a pic of him on the fridge at her level and had her give him kisses every day, hoping she'd remember him still when he got back home, and she totally did!

Jan 15th 2005:
Mini Steelers fans! I believe there was a big play-off game we were watching. Dan was working and we were cheering his team on in his absence (and I'm pretty sure they lost, too)

Jan 20th 2006
Jared happily painting away at the art easle!

Jan 21st 2007:
I was taking Connor's 7 month old "bear picture" one day late.

Jan 21st 2008:
Emily was "skating" in her rubber boots on a frozen puddle in the driveway

Jan 18th 2009:
GO STEELERS!! Probably cheering on the Steelers during a play-off game. This was the photo I photoshopped myself into, so we could have a picture of all five of us! ha!

Jan 19th 2010:
Welcoming our newest pet, Olivia, to the family

A lot of changes through the years!!


Kaci said...

I love all these!! Such adorable babies and now kids! =)

Betsy said...

Love them! Look how those kids have grown =)

Bibliomama said...

Great pictures -- and what a great idea! I'm totally going to steal it (imitation being the sincerest form of flattery and all that).