Thursday, January 13, 2011

LOVE this

Emily Grace was practicing her piano the other day, and for the first time, I found her singing along as she was playing. It was totally adorable! She was only a day or two into this song at the point I videotaped, so it's not a totally clean performance, but just too too cute anyway. I tried to be sneaky with the video camera, but it makes a little noise when it first turns on and she caught me and stopped, so the first part of the video is me trying to talk her into doing it again. I had to let the video buffer for the a long time the first time I played it, but then it played straight through the 2nd time (but the voice doesn't match up with her lips at the video plays, but at least you get the idea). Photobucket isn't always the best host, but blogger wouldn't load the type of video file my video camera creates.

Anyway, Em's not super thrilled I took the video, and she'll be less thrilled to see I shared it, but how could I not?? Someday, she'll be glad of it, when she's all grown up and sees how adorable she is. *grin*

PS Her teacher got confused and assigned her this piano piece (which is in the way back of her new piano book), and it's got several sharp and flat notes, which she'd never done before, so I was SUPER thrilled she was able to plunk her way through it anyway. And when her teacher realized she'd assigned a song beyond what Em's learned at her lessons thus far, but that Em got through it anyway, she was EXTREMELY excited. They're working on a duet of the song (which is coming along nicely!)

It can be a real pain in the hiney getting Emily to practice some days, but as she starts mastering the newly assigned pieces, she really just starts to get giddy and then suddenly she's playing all the time (stinker!).


Kaci said...

AWhh that was precious and her hair is sooo pretty!!! I call Elly sister too. =) XOXO

Betsy said...

How sweet! =)