Friday, February 4, 2011

Poor Baby

My poor Connor Bonnor went to bed last night sounding a little snuffly. He woke up an hour later, majorly stuffed out, disoriented, crying, coughing, snot flowing, THE WORKS. THEN my poor baby could tell he needed to use the bathroom, but since he wasn't fully awake and was very disoriented, he stripped himself down, headed into the bathroom, and peed all over the toilet and the floor.

Hey, better than his bed or carpet, right???

He cried, snuffed, coughed, and stumbled his way through Dan and I cleaning him up and getting him back into his jammies and back into bed. He never did seem fully aware of what was going on, and was clearly miserable. He was restless most of the night. I hope once he officially wakes up for the morning, well see a bit of improvement. I was SHOCKED at how hard it hit him, and how suddenly!

It sure explains the more-extreme-than-usual behavior of the last few days!!

Send your well-wishes to my sweet little Mister. He's a pretty pathetic little thing right now!


Kaci said...

Poor Connor!! Feel better mister!

Grandma Marlee said...

Let's hope he didn't get those nasty germs from me Wednesday when I carefully hugged him from behind while not breathing on him!!!!!!! Tell him I love him and wish him a speedy recovery!

Betsy said...

Poor CJ. He is in my prayers for quick healing. Never any fun when they are sick is it?