Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I ♥ my iPhone!!!!! People said it would change my life, and it totally has! It's easier to use than I expected, and the variety of apps is endless (entertainment, education, etc). I've seen recipe apps, work-out apps, game apps... You name it! I love being able to connect to the Internet while I'm out and about (to look up info, check into Facebook, check my email, etc), I love that I can let the kids play games here and there (extremely helpful in getting through errands, or long waits in waiting rooms!), and that they can actually be LEARNING while they play (one of Connor's favorite games has him learning letter sounds and blending them into words). I sat in the car knitting while Connor was at preschool the other day, and listened to songs stored in my phone from my iTunes account. When my hands got tired of knitting, I played several levels of "Angry Birds Rio" and "Cut the Rope". Then I checked into my Facebook account, and also checked the 10 day weather forecast and emailed my husband. All rolled neatly into one amazing little phone! It also takes photos and videos (not super great quality, but nice to have if something photo and/or video worthy comes up and I'm not prepared with my good camera or video camera!!). What more could you ask for?

(okay, so I wouldn't mind a bit if it would clean my house and prepare all our meals as well, but even the iPhone has it's limitations!! hahaha!)


Kaci said...

LOL! There's an ap for that...oh wait damn there isn't.

Betsy said...

ROFL! I wish there was an app for that. I feel the same about my Droid. Didn't really care for one to begin with, but now that I have it, can't imagine going without it!

Cindy Lou Who said...

LOL - You are hilarious!