Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quote of the Week

Conversation snippets from yesterday:

Jared: Connor, I'll bet you don't know what the day after today is.
Connor: Yes I do! It's tomorrow.
Jared: Yeah, but what's it called?
Connor: I already told you!! TO-MORR-OW!!!!!!!!!!
Jared: But what DAY is tomorrow called?
Connor: It's called the day mama's working my class, that's what!
(and I AM working in his class! hahaha!)

Connor: I wish there weren't any girls in my class.
me: How come, you usually have fun with the girls, too!
Connor: Yeah, but all the time now, they just want to play sisters, and you have to be a GIRL for that game, and so I don't like it.
me: Maybe you could ask to be the brother, and then you could still play?
Connor: No, because then they'd want to do the hugging and kissing to me.


Betsy said...

That is too funny!! The things kids say right?!

Kaci said...

Oh that CJ!! :)

Cindy Lou Who said...

Hilarious! One day, he will want them hugging and kissing on him. hahah