Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obsessed with vacuuming

Connor recently became fascinated with the vacuum cleaner, and begged me to teach him how to vacuum. After a quick crash course, he set about vacuuming the kitchen for me. He paused every so often to thank me for teaching him to vacuum, to thank me for LETTING him vacuum, and to tell me that I'm the best mom ever for letting him vacuum.

He cried last night when he asked if he could vacuum and I told him "no" because the floors weren't dirty, and besides, it was bedtime.

I'm the best mom ever for letting him vacuum one day, and another day, I'm the worst mom ever. Who knew the cleanliness of my floors and his ability to vacuum or not could be so closely linked to how he feels about me at any given moment?!?!


Betsy said...

If it weren't bedtime I would say, who cares if the floor was clean, if the kid wants to vacuum, let him! lol.

Shan said...

Abby has been the same way about vacuuming. Yay for both of us! I hate vacuuming!

Kaci said...

Sweet....he can come to my house and vacuum! =)

Cindy Lou Who said...

Emily use to love to vacuum too - sadly that ended. :o(