Monday, April 4, 2011

MS Walk

This past weekend was the MS Walk. Emily Grace joined us this year (first time since she was about three years old and got too heavy to be pushed along the route in a stroller, but was too small to walk the whole distance!!). It was really fun having her along.

My mom took a picture of Emily signing the large poster that was set out

We saw these girls ahead of us during the walk at one point, and liked their shirts!

A man dressed as a Klingon from Star Trek took our picture for us as we got to the finish line (my mom's friend Mary, Emily, myself, and my mom)


We'd heard leading into Saturday that it was going to be mostly rainy, so we came prepared with umbrellas, changes of clothes, and towels to help dry ourselves off with, but it ended up being mostly sunny for us (some white clouds scattered around, and some DARK clouds off to the side, but the dark clouds STAYED off to the side the entire day!!). It WAS pretty windy here and there, but all-in-all, we couldn't have asked for much better!

Between the actual route, plus the walking we did to and from the parking lot, and signing in, getting our "freebies", etc, we did about 4.33 miles of walking. Em did fantastic keeping up with us the whole time! It's always neat to see so many people gathered together for the cause, and to know I'm making a bit of a difference!


Betsy said...

I am so proud of you for continuing to do that. And funny shirts! Where can I order one? lol

Kaci said...

Love the shirts! WTG Leah and Em! XOXO

Cindy Lou Who said...

LOVE the shirts!!!! Awesome Emily for participating