Friday, April 8, 2011

Okay, Eeyore

Jared just came home with a big pile of Writer's Workshop papers he's done over the last few months in class (Writer's Workshop is basically just a time-frame of the day where the kids pick a topic and write about it, and often illustrate their work as well).

My scanner is misbehaving, so I'm just going to type up one of the things he wrote back in November to share with you (I'll type it how he spelled it all). This particular piece of writing is so JARED. He's such an Eeyore type character a lot of the time!

Anyway, from November 8th, 2010:

"The spel a thon is cuming up. and I am produly not going to win but if I don't it won't matr. I will just clap for the prsin that dus win. If I do win my holl famly will go to the gret wolf loge. that wont hapin eneweys. so why shud I be so exsited."

(FYI, his school hosted a spell-a-thon back in November, where the kids collected pledges based on how many words from the list they could spell correctly. For every $20 collected, you earned and entry into a drawing for a stay at Great Wolf Lodge. So that's what he's talking about!)

Wasn't that whole Writer's Workshop paper just sad??? haha!

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Betsy said...

Oh my gosh! That is too stinking cute!!