Friday, September 2, 2011

1st day of school!

Emily and Jared had their first day of school yesterday. (Connor won't get to start Kindergarten until Tuesday the 6th). Sounds like everyone had a good day, though they weren't overly full of information for me! LOL

It's hard to believe that Emily is starting 4th grade and Jared is starting 2nd! I'm a little nervous about 4th grade because we've already had to complete a homework assignment DUE THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. That can't be a good sign!!

I'm hoping for a fantastic year for all three kids. It's going to be REALLY strange having all three of them in full day school. Thankfully, I still get my Connor Bonnor on Fridays!

"Mom, can I do a pose?"


pretty shoes!

"Emily got to do a pose; does that mean I get to do one?"


Connor said, "Why aren't you taking pictures of me, too?" So I took his picture, too, even though it's not HIS first day of school today. LOL! (PS, that's a head lamp on his head!)

Such an enthusiastic bunch...


Kaci said...

I was going to comment on those cute shoes before you even took the close up. LOL! And that is a perfect middle child shirt Jared! LOL! Super Connor! =) XOXOX Happy School Year!!

Cindy Lou Who said...

A nice shot of the 3 at the end. And yes, 4th and 5th grade homework is UGLY! *shivers*

Betsy said...

Totally cute pictures! =) Love them!!